Allergy Books For Kids is an educational children's series by Canadian allergy mom Michelle Nel.


Michelle's son Nolan has multiple anaphylactic food allergies, asthma, eczema and autism. Michelle's aspiration was to create books which were fun, informative and engaging not only for children who have allergies but that they might be used as resources to aid with allergy education be it for schools, caregivers, friends or family.

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FOOD ALLERGY CANADA celebrating Michelle Nel as a 'Food Allergy Champion'!

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About Michelle

Michelle has shared her books at the Food Allergy Canada National Conference along side Allergic Living Magazine.

Michelle is honoured her books are housed in the resource libraries of
CHEO (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario), Toronto's Sick Kids
Children's Hospital as well the Untunjambili Hospital in the Province of
Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

Michelle's books are shared in Australia by Dr. Pooja Newman, founder of the Global Anaphylaxis, Awareness and Inclusivity Network.

Michelle is a proud sponsor of The
Walk For Andrea, an official fundraiser for the Toronto SickKids
Children’s Hospital rising over 90,000 in the last 4 years for Sick
allergy research and programming at SickKids.

Michelle is a
volunteer ambassador for MedicAlert Canada's CONNECT PROTECT. A
non-profit Autism/Alzheimer’s program (registry) partnering MedicAlert
Canada with Canadian first responders, Autism Canada, Autism Speaks Ottawa, and the Alzheimers Society of Canada.

For Connect Protect
Michelle is citizen advocate for the Ottawa Police , Brockville Police
Service, Smiths Falls and Gananoque Police Services.

Michelle is a sponsor of the 2019 TOP 10 CHALLENGE, a fundraiser for the Allergy, Asthma, Immunology Foundation of Canada,
(CAAIF) raising money for anaphylaxis research grants.

has read her books at Public Libraries as well was invited to be the
Kids Zone Storytime Reader at Toronto's 'Free From' Expo. Michelle has also shared her books at the Ottawa Parent & Child Expo.

Michelle was a celebrity server with the Ottawa RedBlacks for the Autism Ontario/ Ottawa winter 2018 fundraiser.

participated in the 2014 CHEO (Children's Hospital of Eastern
Ontario's) open doors event, human library. Michelle shared her books
as well experiences as a parent navigating life with her son's multiple
anaphylactic food allergies.

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American Allergy Mom and Artist, Jennier Terry (Bebernes)

Eleven ago I wrote six stories for my for son Nolan who has eczema, asthma, environmental allergies, multiple anaphylactic food allergies as well autism. My stories may have been complete but text is only half of a books creation, so my focus turned to finding an illustrator.

I connected with Colorado allergy mom Jenny Terry Bebernes after having posted a plea for a illustrator on an online chat forum.

For her incredible talent as well for the beautiful person she is I am so fortunate to have worked alongside Jen, bringing to fruition 5 books.

Jen and I have never met, and due to neither of us having US calling or Text we in a decade I believe spoken twice.

Through email correspondence, a paralleled sense of vision and shared sense of humour, Jen and I partnered in a decade long allergy mom -preneurship. With absolute pride (and A LOT of persistence) I am for ever grateful for Jennifer's talent, and her company along this journey.

Toronto Artist Scott Hill

From Linkein connections to a joint Canadiana creation. Toronto artist Scott Hill caught my eye online with his wonderful illustrations, in particular his clearly Canadian attention to detail. I messaged saying I would be visiting Toronto, two strangers may have sat down together for coffee but it would be as friends we bid farewell. Although my first five books were illustrated by the amazing Colorado artist Jenny Terry (Bebernes) my sixth book I felt needed to come home to my ‘true north’.

The Allergic Line-Up is more than an allergy book, each page as well holds homage to hockey and heritag with over 70 different Canadian animals depicted. Scott’s work is truly exceptional with the perfect sprinkling of hockey humour. On a return trip to Toronto I met Scott again for coffee. I am so grateful for his friendship, talent and for the opportunity to partner in passion sharing this books journey together.

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