Allergy Books For Kids is an educational series by Canadian allergy mom Michelle Nel and Illustrated by American allergy mom Jennifer Terry. 

Michelle began writing in hopes of providing a fun yet informative manner in which to share allergy information. Michelle and Jennifer have aspired to create books that will not only engage children who have allergies, but that they might also be used as resources to aid with allergy education. 

To Be A Nut Or Not, My Immune System Needs Glasses, There Are No B-List Allergies and See You Later Allergy Gator are the first four in this series of six by Allergygator Publishing. With Pride the ALLERGY BOOKS FOR KIDS series is housed in the resource libraries at CHEO (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario) as well in Toronto's Sick Kids Children's Hospital. 

Michelle and Jennifer are proud to share the upcoming release of their final two books thus completing the Allergy Books For Kids series.